Even though the ski season is over in most North American locations, ski Boston enthusiasts will want to work to keep their bodies in shape for the next season.  There is no need to lose all the strength, stamina and flexibility you have gained over the season if you take a few steps beginning right now.  When next season opens, you can find yourself ready for a fun, action packed season.
Start training at the gym.  As you are aware, a membership alone is not enough.  You must make the commitment to make regular visits for working out and not just to socialize.  If you do not have a membership, the off-season is often a good time to join.  Many gyms offer a couple of free sessions with a personal trainer.  The trainer helps to set up a routine that will focus on the muscles needed for the next ski Boston season.  In addition, the trainer can teach you safe use of equipment to prevent injuries.  Regardless of the routine you choose, be sure to focus on the large muscles most often used in skiing, the gluts, hamstrings and quadriceps.
If you are not the type to spend the spring and summer at the gym, then cross training may be ideal for your off season workouts.  There are many sports, which work similar muscle groups to those used in skiing. Consider mountain biking, kayaking, inline skating, swimming, jogging, climbing or even yoga.  These activities can all benefit the health as well as the skiing ability, whether they produce flexibility, endurance or core strength to help with next season’s ski Boston activities.
If, in spite of your efforts to keep your body trained, you are still missing your skiing, consider a ski camp.  Mt. Hood, just outside of Portland, Oregon offers skiing all year long.  In addition, Whistler Blackcomb also offers some great camps.
Remember, just because the Northern Hemisphere is in the midst of the Spring/Summer warming, the rest of the world will just beginning the Fall/Autumn cooling.  Several fine places in South America, Australia and New Zealand offer skiing.  These resorts offer the perfect way to fill your need to ski Boston.
Training in the off-season offers the perfect way to stay in shape for the upcoming ski Boston season.  Even though it may be difficult to ski Boston during the Spring and Summer there are plenty of activities to keep you in shape.

What to do now that the Boston Ski Season is over?  Well there are a million in one things that we could think you however we decided to come up with a small list of ideas that we were thinking of on a day like today.  If you read our previous post we talked about playing some of the latest video games.  Albeit a good, fun, idea you might get a little cabin fever by the second or third game.

Below is a list of a few ideas that we compiled that will hopefully get you through to the next Boston Ski Season.  We thought that we would include some crazy videos of each to help turn that frown upside day on this rainy, miserable day.  Have Fun!

1.) Water Skiing; Always, well most of the time, lot’s of fun and a perfect way to keep  your balance in perfect form during the off-season.  However, be careful and make sure that you keep those tips up or you could be in for a painful afternoon.

2.) Summer Skiing; Not necessarily the smartest thing to do and I guess that we don’t really recommend this. We also are not really sure how your father would feel about you pretending that your back deck and yard is one of the Massachusetts ski areas. However, after watching this video it sure does look like a pretty cool idea.

3.) Ski Workout Videos; Watch countless hours of homemade workout videos on by some of Youtube’s most famous workout gurus (insert laugh here), like the one below.  We are not saying that these folks are not qualified workout instructors, we are just saying that some of these videos are a little funny.  Heck, might as well give these workouts a shot you have 8-9 months until next ski season.  One of these videos is bound to get you into some type of decent shape.  However, we do not endorse any of the exercises that you may see in the video below or any others on Youtube.  Exercise at your own risk!

These are just a few ideas to help get you through the months of sunshine ahead.  We all know that it is going to be tough but we hope that these tips get you through those tough days ahead.  I mean who really likes the sunshine and 80 degree weather anyway.  Give me the soft, powdery snow and a goggle tan any day of the week.

Now that the season is over, all we at Ski Bradford can think about is how to get back on the slopes. Not to worry, you won’t have to travel far to ride some fresh powder because skiing in Massachusetts is possible all year round with the help of these awesome skiing and snowboarding videogames. Take a look at these games to help keep your skiing and snowboarding skills fresh until you can hit the slopes next season!
The newest snowboarding video game to hit the market is SSX by Electronic Arts. The game has received rave reviews since its February 28,2012 release date. Designed for XBOX 360 and Playstation 3, SSX used information from NASA to create 28 real-life runs from nine mountain ranges around the world. SSX’s compatibility with Xbox Live and the Playstation Network allows players to compete in live events in the SSX Universe. Now you can take the snowboarding skills you’ve learned at Ski Bradford and use them to explore the snowy Himalayas!


We Ski and Snowboard for Wii is a great game for those who are attempting to tackle the bunny hill or for those who’ve already mastered black diamond runs. This game has 14 different courses with levels ranging from beginner to expert and is packed with fun extras such as the ability to attend ski school or complete search and rescue missions. This interactive game lets you use Wii’s unique balance board, or even the Wii Nunchuk controls as ski poles, so you can feel like you are skiing in Massachusetts from the comfort of your own home!

Two-time Olympic gold medalist Shaun White’s newest snowboarding game, Shaun White Snowboarding: World Stage, for Wii lets players ride 75 different courses that vary from a half-pipe in Times Square to fresh powder in the French Alps. Shaun White Snowboarding encourages users to play with friends in multi-player modes to expand your snowboarding crew. All the progress achieved as a crew carries over onto each player’s individual mode to unlock new tricks, apparel and gear.Check out these great videogames to learn new tricks around the world so you can show off your skills next winter at Ski Bradford when you’re back skiing in Massachusetts! The only thing that’s missing from these games is a steaming cup of hot chocolate awaiting you in the lodge after your run…
Packed powder with loose granular snow and all trails open are music to skier’s ears. The Rocky Mountains are not the only place that you can find fantastic ski areas. Massachusetts ski resorts may not be as well-known as places like Vail or Breckenridge but that does not mean they do not have fantastic skiing. In fact, sometimes the lesser known areas are the best places to go because they will be less crowded and you will not have to wait forever in lift lines. Plus, if you are a beginner, you will have smaller classes meaning more one-on-one attention from the ski instructors.
Massachusetts ski areas have slopes that are perfect for skiers of all expertise. Where there is snow, there will be skiers. Ski Bradford is an area just minutes outside of Boston making it very convenient for families to get together. The ski lessons for children are groups of a maximum of six kids per instructor. It is a very novice focused ski area, but has terrain for skiers of all abilities.  Of the fifteen trails, eight are black diamond (expert), four are blue-square (intermediate) and the other three are green-circle (beginner).
For only $65, you will receive skis or a snowboard, boots and poles for the day, a one-hour ski lesson and a one day lift ticket. For those not needing rentals or lessons, the price of lift tickets is only $45 per day as compared to $99 at both Breckenridge and Vail. That is a fantastic deal!
With the proximity of Boston, there are wonderful shops and dining for when you decide to take a break from skiing or for non-skiers in your group. Ski Bradford hosts several activities throughout the ski season. February is jam packed with events. From mid-February to the end of the month you will find freestyle jams, deck parties with music, fun and giveaways, ski and snowboard clinics, an evening throw down and a BWL race to finish off the month. Check out our calendar of events to learn more.
You may be amazed at the mountainous terrain in Massachusetts since many call it the Bay State, beach and ocean usually comes to mind. There are thirteen ski resorts in the state with trail numbers ranging from seven to an amazing forty-five and vertical drops up to one thousand, one hundred and eighty feet. If you are a novice, Ski Bradford is a wonderful resort to learn at since the vertical drop is a less intimidating two hundred and forty-eight feet.
Gather the family together for a reunion or just for fun, fresh air and exercise in the snow. Ski Bradford, Massachusetts!

Alpine skiing in Massachusetts is a pastime that many families have engaged in for years. Though the state is not generally known for its winter sports activities, there are numerous Massachusetts ski areas where people of all ages can enjoy the sport regardless of skill level. If you are interested in experiencing the fun of downhill skiing, but you are nervous about the learning process, you should consider a trip to Bradford Ski Area in Haverhill, Massachusetts. It is conveniently located just minutes from the Boston metropolitan area, and it caters to skiers of all ages and abilities.

You can go to any of the Massachusetts ski areas to learn how to ski, but if you want the best experience for you and your family, Bradford is the best. The programs offered at the facility range from lessons for beginners to advanced teaching for expert alpine enthusiasts. In fact, Bradford Ski Area offers seven levels of instruction, which build on each other as students progress. The ski area’s outstanding instructors make the process fun, and you might be surprised how quickly you will find yourself gliding down the hill with ease.


There have been many recent innovations in ski technology which have made the sport easier than ever to learn. Skis used to be long and somewhat unwieldy, but new design philosophies have embraced shorter skis which are simpler to use. If you have skied on planks that were taller than you in the past, it may take some time to get used to the new style, but you should be carving beautiful turns in no time with the instruction provided at Bradford. When you combine the expertise of Bradford’s instructors with the innovations in equipment, you have the perfect recipe for learning how to ski in a surprisingly short amount of time. Of course, everyone learns at a different pace, which is why Bradford’s ski school experts take the time to work with everyone to ensure that no one gets left behind.

You can learn how to ski at any one of the many Massachusetts ski areas, but there are numerous reasons why you should choose Bradford. The ski area is conveniently located, affordable and it offers many types of terrain. The snow conditions are wonderful for beginners and experts alike, plus the ski area is open for over 80 hours of operation every week during the season. If you have the itch to get on the slopes, you should pack up the car and head to Bradford – one of the finest Massachusetts ski areas.

Learning to ski in Boston? Working to perfect those toe-turns on your snowboard? Whether you’re a complete beginner or just looking to hone your skills, Ski Bradford is one of the best Massachusetts ski areas for learning.

Join one of our two-day vacation Ski & Snowboard Clinics, ages 6-16. Start on February 21st or February 23rd, and spend two full days on the mountain with talented instructors. The package includes a two-day lift ticket and two days of instruction. Check in the first day is from 8-9 AM; lessons begin at 9:15 and last until 3 PM. Instruction breaks for lunch at noon until 1 PM.

Ski Bradford welcomes skiers and boarders of all skill levels. Separation of skiers based on skill level and a six to one ratio of students to instructors ensures maximum improvement. During our two-day clinics, beginners at Level 1 and Level 2 build confidence. They learn standing, stopping, basic to linked turns, and lift riding. Levels 3 through 7 address their individual needs and learn to hone and polish their skiing or snowboarding.

The total cost of our two-day vacation Ski & Snowboard Clinic is $170. Rentals are not included, but are available for $60. Entries are limited and sell out quickly, so pre-registration is encouraged. To register, click here.

Grab your mittens, bundle up, and meet us out on the slopes of Ski Bradford. It’s the best way to ski MA.

Ski areas in New England are experts at teaching this fun new sport to beginners. These resorts have enthusiastic teachers who are experienced skiers and experts in working with people. The new skier gets equipment that fits. Practice areas and lodging encourage participation while others skiers offer encouragement. A person beginning this new adventure is surrounded by passionate, helpful, outgoing people who want him or her to succeed and have fun.

The Trainers

Every teacher is hand-picked for this position by the New England resorts. Enthusiasm for the sport is the first criteria for employment closely followed by experience and knowledge. Because these trainers love skiing, they make sure every person in their class develops the same passion for snow and slopes. These skiers know how to use their bodies most effectively and teach others these techniques. For example, holding the poles above the waist and in front of the body gives the skier more control. With their knowledge and experience, these guides explain and demonstrate individual movements. Then, these experts carefully watch the students to make sure they understand and duplicate the motions. If a student does not perform satisfactorily, the trainers have the expertise to help him or her adjust the stance until it is right.

The Equipment

The right equipment in good working condition keeps skiers safe. Skiing is easier if the boots are the right size for the feet and the skis and poles are right for a person’s height and type of skiing. Informed rental assistants educate their customers.

The Location

Ski resorts have it all: snow, slopes, food, lodging and exuberant participants. A novice skier can practice, rest, dine, watch other people and discuss techniques, equipment and fun places to visit almost nonstop from the time of arrival until departure. These friendly people help each other improve their skills and make the experience pleasant. Lessons can be scheduled in the mornings, in the afternoons, in groups or privately. Some lodges offer a series of classes lasting most of the season and include lift tickets and equipment rental.  The more a student learns and does, the faster he or she gains the desired skills.

The best place to learn how to ski is at the ski areas in New England. These resorts have experienced, trained and enthusiastic teachers, the right equipment and fantastic skiing areas. People stay in comfort while enjoying the lessons, the amenities and the friendship of other skiing enthusiasts.


Whether you are a novice or a pro, this Boston ski area has something for everyone. Although Massachusetts may not come to mind when you think about skiing, here are some reasons that will change that.

First, the location, Ski Bradford is a great example of a true Boston ski area and a place for families to gather and ski. It has a excellent set of instructors for the kids with only 5-6 per group. The instructors are excellent teachers and the place is fun and friendly. Another thing that makes Ski Bradford a great place for skiing is that it is excellent for novices. When you do not have the hassle of traveling to the mountains, the location is so convenient.

Another feature of Ski Bradford is that it is a day resort with night skiing that is focused on teaching how to ski. However, there is a variety of other terrain challenges for those who are not novices. The more skilled skiers or riders have options that are enjoyable for them as well.

There are 15 trails for skiers and riders no matter what level you are. There are eight black-diamond trails. There are four intermediate blue-square trails. And, there are three easy green –circle trails. The terrain park is the feature of the ski park and offers several things for the skiers such as down rails and small boxes for new skiers. It offers an A-frame at 24 feet, single barrel at 35 feet and a step down at 30 feet.

The costs are very affordable. For $65.00, a person gets a day package that includes rentals (skis, boots, poles or a snowboard), a lift ticket and a one-hour lesson. For just rentals, it is $35 a day. And, the prices are even cheaper for the “little ones” with a boot size of 3 or smaller. Helmets are not included in the packaging, but are available to rent at $8 for a full day.

As mentioned above, the surrounding area offers opportunity for those who want to get away from the skis for a short time. Luxury shopping, fabulous cuisine and strolls through the main street of Haverhill that boasts great little shops and boutiques. There is certainly something for everyone in the Boston ski area that hosts Ski Bradford. With affordable packages that cater to families, this spot offers a great vacation for the family.

Learning how to ski requires patience and confidence.  If you are an adult or you want to teach your child how to ski, consider the benefits of learning in Massachusetts.  Your first on-snow experience can be exciting and scary.  When you have the right instructor and you choose the right ski area, you can build your skills and stay upright on your skis for longer periods of time.  Choose to ski in Massachusetts while you learn and master the slopes so you can become a seasoned skier.

The Perfect Type of Snow

When you are learning how to ski in Massachusetts, one of the most important factors you need to consider is the condition of the mountains.  Mother Nature is very unpredictable and when Mother Nature does not call, the snow can be very harsh and very difficult to learn on.  Massachusetts has a number of different ranges that receive fresh snow on a daily basis.  The ranges have 100 percent open terrain and have up to 46-inch base depths so you can learn on a softer surface.

A Variety of Different Ski Areas to Choose From

Some ski areas like Ski Bradford are designed for beginners but have plenty of options and trails for the more advanced skier/rider.   Programs are offered at Ski Bradford often referred to as “Bradford Ski Area” help give you the ability and confidence to ski in Massachusetts anywhere.  At Ski Bradford we offer classes on a daily basis to both children and adults.

Another popular area of Ski Bradford is it’s custom terrain park.   The terrain park for the skiers and riders here at Ski Bradford offer many challenges for any level of skier/rider.

You cannot learn how to ski in all weather conditions and mountain terrains.  If you want to find the best conditions, sign up for a program at Ski Bradford and you will have fun while you build your skills.  Skiing is fun for all ages.  Whether you are an adult or a child, you can get active and enjoy the winter months while you ski the slopes.  Choose one of our reputable training programs, get on the lift, and see just how fun skiing on the slopes can be when you are at Ski Bradford.